Tiyya Maroc Youth serum with Prickly Pear Oil
Brand:  Tiyaa

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Tiyya Maroc Youth serum with Prickly Pear Oil

Suppleness and hydration

Tiyya makes women beautiful and serene with treatments inspired by Moroccan traditions of beauty.

Tiyya reinvents thousand-year-old gestures and rethinks the traditional formulas to offer refined, soft, and often, organic skincare. The brand appeals to women looking for authenticity who appreciate the delicious fragrance of essential oils, natural ingredients, simple and elegant care that keep their promises.

Tiyya satisfies thirsty and lifeless skin with youth oil, its new treatment that reveals the secret powers of the prickly pear.

The youth oil, a precious elixir to protect its skin


As time passing, stress and fatigue harden the lines, the youth oil brings an intense feeling of comfort. The subtle blend of three virtuous oils: Prickly pear, Argan, and Almond oil. This beauty care full of essential nutriments gives to your skin, from the first use, softness, flexibility, and vitality.

Day and night, it is used as a beauty serum, just before applying the cream.


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