Dermofuture Intensive Lifting Wrinkle Serum
Brand:  Dermofuture

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Dermofuture Intensive Lifting Wrinkle Serum


  • High power anti-wrinkle, firming, and lifting effect.
  • Ideal for mature skin and wrinkles.
  • Smoothes wrinkles, restore skin density and models the facial contours.

An innovative cosmetic designed for mature skin. SYN-AKE peptide contained in the serum mimics the lifting effect of viper venom.

By loosening and inhibiting muscle contractions, it strongly reduces mimic wrinkles, prevents wrinkle deepening, and prevents the formation of new ones.

The other components of the serum nourish and moisturize the face.

Indian mulberry extract (Noni) has strong anti-aging properties, vitamin E, as a powerful antioxidant, neutralizes free radicals and delays the skin’s aging process.

Shea butter nourishes soften and smoothes the skin. Intensive lifting serum thanks to concentrated ingredients smoothes mimic wrinkles, lines on the forehead and neck, furrows on the cheeks, and wrinkles around the eyes. From day to day, the facial skin becomes firm, smooth, the face oval smoothed, and the corners of the lips clearly raised.

How to use:

Apply to thoroughly cleansed face in the morning and evening. For better results, use regularly.

Action smoothes wrinkles, reduces the visibility of lines on the forehead, neck, furrows on the cheeks, tightens the skin, raises the corners of the lips, shapes the face oval


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