Skin doctor Super Thickening Hair

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Skin Doctor Super Thickening Hair in 5 seconds – black color

Hair Fibers is made of plant fibers. It will cover your thinning area very easily. Hair Spray. This product contains a variety of natural herbal extract. It helps to care hair follicle, strengthening hair roots to achieve the effect of solving low hair density problem and nourishing hair. At the same time it can fix the magic fiber hair on your original hair or scalp and make all the hair has a natural luster. Anti-Hair loss Shampoo. This product has a variety of valuable natural herbal extract to help control and balance the sebum, excessive maintenance of hair follicles, strengthening hair roots, so that hair roots becomes stronger, to achieve the effect of making hair stronger.

Package Include:

1pc-super thickening hair  anti-hair loss shampoo- 100ml

1pc- super thickening hair spray- 100ml

1pc- super thickening hair fiber- 20g


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