Baby Bright Edelweiss Whitening Soap, 55g

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Baby Bright Edelweiss Whitening Soap, 55g

Whitening soap that comes with intense purifying effects without drying out the skin. Infused with the pure white Edelweiss flowers from the Alps that is concentrated with antioxidants to protect the skin against the most aggressive pollution, this soap provides natural radiance and diminishes dullness to unlock the healthy-looking skin.

Soap cleanses the skin leaving it perfectly clean without drying out the skin.

Skin appears radiant and radiant.

The pure white flowers of the Edelweiss.

Small winter forest flower on the Alps. Rich in antioxidants.

Helps to protect skin from pollution.

As well as reducing the dark skin to shine healthily.

And white radiant naturally.

How to use:
Use an appropriate amount of water to wet the soap and build up a lather before rubbing it all over your skin for intense purification. Rinse off with clean water.


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