Argussy Whitening Garlic Cream, 4 gm

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Argussy Whitening Garlic Cream

Argussy Whitening Garlic Cream is a product from Argussy, a trusted name in the cosmetic and health industry. Their products are dermatologically certified. Moreover, these are safe and 100% genuine.
Argussy Whitening Garlic Cream with Garlic Extract is a facial cream for treating skin problems such as freckle, acne, pimple and dark spot. Also, it is specially formulated to smooth and whiten your facial skin. Garlic extracts which have efficiency for Treating of Acne. Removing Blackhead on the face and reducing Facial is Oiliness that may cause acne and black spot.

How to use:

  • Apply cream to your face day and night every day.
  • Use as make up foundation.

Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Cetyl Alcohol, Lanolin, Bees Wax, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Niacinamide, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Allantoin, Glutathione, Sulfur, Allium Sativum (Garlic) Bulb Extract, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, Iron Oxide Red Cl No.77491, Iron Oxide Yellow Cl No.77492, Iron Oxide Black Ci No.77499, Fragrance


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